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An affiliate network for insurance?

Insurance is highly regulated at a state level, involving a patchwork of regulatory laws which has historically made it difficult for insurers and insurance agencies to work with affiliates and influencers. We’re here to simplify the process.


Our focus.

We've cut through the red tape so you can get to work.
A special affiliate program

Earn, grow, and expand with Insurance Affiliate's program. Everything you need to start promoting is a click away.

Easy to Start and Maintain

Professionally designed packages, article library, and more assets to increase conversions.

High Conversion Rate

Our promo materials mean the traffic you send to our clients will better convert.

How far can you go?


Join the program in four easy steps

Join the program in four easy steps:

Instant Signup

Apply in less than a minute. Completely free. Get verified and gain access to your affiliate dashboard.

Obtain your links and banners

Our self-service link generator allows you to start in minutes.

Track your links and banners

In our control panel you can easily track and optimize your campaigns.

Get your payout

We pay fairly and offer best-in-class marketing fees.


Projects Completed


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Positive Feedbacks


Freebies Released


Insurance Affiliate in Detail

Check out our FAQs to start your Affiliate business strong.

Affiliate FAQs

Ready to join? Read our guildelines carefully for a successful affiliation. 

Read Affiliate Agreement


Affiliate Assets

Access our control panel, where you can easily track and optimize your campaigns.


Affiliate Program Agreement

Ready to join? Read our guidelines carefully for a successful affiliation.


Read Affiliate Program Agreement


Advertisers, bring your contracts and materials

We encourage our advertisers to bring their own contract and materials


Typical Pricing Structure

Payment varies by advertiser but typical payment structures include:
Conversion Fee


Per Policy

  • Earn $100 for each lead conversion
Flat Fee


Per Collab

  • Earn $750 per collaboration/promotion
Brand Ambassador


Per Month

  • Earn $500 monthly for becoming a brand ambassador


So what are people saying?

We use Insurance Affiliate to partner with our affiliates. Insurance affiliate handles all the billing and payments so we can focus on what we’re actually good at: selling life insurance.

Doug Wayne

Director, iBroker Digital Insurance Services


Why Pick Us?

Still thinking about it? Maybe this will help...
It's simple

Our process is easy to use so you can get back to doing what you’re best at.

Free for affiliates

We earn a fee from our advertisers, but will never charge our affiliates. 

A digital experience

We’re the premier affiliate marketplace for the insurance industry. 

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Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

About us

Res enim fortasse verae, certe graves.

Where to find us